Hi! I'm a nerdy person who loves C++ a little too much for their own good.

Programming languages I know
2014 Python The first real programming language I ever learned. I used CodingBat to practice, and didn't do anything complex with it until 2016 when I made a voice-activated computer assistant.
2014 HTML5/CSS3 It may not be a programming language but it's important enough to note. I was wholly self-taught. Web development interested me, but it was never something I wanted to focus a career on. I used that knowledge to make this website and a website for a school club.
???? JavaScript JavaScript slowly leaked into my head over time. I can't recall a specific time I was actively learning it, but I can use it well now.
2017 Java I maintain that this is objectively not a good language, but the JVM backing it is good software. This was the first language I learned that used braces and semicolons and ignored indentation, so it was a rude awakening to "real languages" different from Python.
2019 GDScript GDScript is the custom scripting solution for the Godot Game Engine, which I began using in 2019. It is similar to Python, but with more game dev-specific syntax and native types. Godot is a game engine that I have used for a long time (without any finished games to show for it).
2021 C# It's Java but if Microsoft forked it and implemented boatloads of nice stuff. Pretty fun language!
2021 C++ I delayed learning this language because I feared it would be difficult. It was, but it was also very liberating and enjoyable to use. Still my favorite language.
2021 C I prefer C++.
2022 TypeScript Much nicer than plain JavaScript. I find it funny how people initially liked dynamic typing, and then projects to add static typing back into dynamically typed languages became popular as time went on.
2022 ARM Assembly Can I say I'm proficient in writing assembly? No, but I do know what compiled languages compile into and how to read assembly.
2023 Rust Rust is fast on its way to becoming my favorite language. Macros, enums, traits, very cool stuff! The package system is leagues ahead of what I put up with with C++.

Listed below are some projects that I work on, or have worked on in the past. Besides some projects that are currently unlisted, I work on Portal 2: Community Edition and Chira Engine on a daily basis. Most other projects are either in maintenance mode or considered complete.

The subheading lists when I began working on a project, it doesn't mean I didn't continue working on it later (which is the case for several projects!)

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minecraft mods